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Alison Marek


Direct-to-Consumer Medical Writer -- creating clickable copy

About Me

I'm an oft-published writer and award-winning filmmaker and ghostwriter with specialized experience in the medical, wellness, health and science industries. My work's been supported by grants from The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and Showtime Networks, Inc.

Industries I Write About

Medical Practice

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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Hospital & Health Care

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Medical Device

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Marketing & Advertising

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My Writing Samples

Award- and grant-winning short screenplays

In addition to the link provided here -- which goes to goes directly to the award-winning PSA I wrote and associate produced for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation (DSRTF) -- my website alisonmarek.com features PSAs and shorts I wrote on health issues, including pediatric AIDS "The Playground," and sponsored short films, including "The Three-Body Solution" a romcom about two physicists. Click on http://alisonmarek.com/producing.html and http://alisonmarek.com/short-films--psas.htmlb.


Building business, marketing

Just one of the hundreds of articles I wrote to help retailers and manufacturers in the toy industry build their businesses. In addition to being Manging Editor of online newsletter, I ran the video department and created email blasts and promotions. More articles: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/tv999iqs3boal/ Here's a link to two of the thousands of videos I shot/edited/or produced for TDmonthly: Product demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am9wqyfJCRI Charitable giveaway promo


Shh! I'm a GHOST!

Can't provide samples of my most CURRENT medical and science writing because it's all done on the QT for SEO. (Please ignore copyeditor's typos on sample.) And here's a "fake" intro, similar to a type I'd write for testosterone therapy: "Remember that old beater you had when you were 16, and how the engine always died just when you needed it most? These days, you feel like that old beater. Will you ever rev up again?


Old, old acne

This is an example of a VERY STRAIGHTFORWARD interview I did with a top dermatologist. PLEASE don't look at the publication year. Yes, I'm experienced, but I'd rather pretend to be a prodigy.


Acupuncture video

To illustrate needle tolerance, I shot and edited video of 5-year-old boy getting treatment at Dragon Acupuncture in Irvine, Ca.



Ghostwriter -- Science, medicine

Currently ghostwrite blogs for SEO for various medical practices, dental practices, and med spas. Specialize in writing funny or provocative intros that get readers clicking.

Company: Various Medical and Aesthetic Practices

I worked there from 10/2017 until now

Writer/Story Producer/AP -- Science, medicine, other industries

Wrestle stories from reality, or make them up from scratch: Your choice. Have produced/written/directed award-winning short films, PSAs, mini documentaries, thousands of product videos, AP'd reality TV and feature film. Won various awards, including Bronze Aurora and local Emmy nom.

Company: Santa Monica City TV, Pivot TV, TLC, ToyDirectory.com

I worked there from 5/2005 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

How continuity of care makes recovery easier

After an illness, injury, or surgery that requires recovery in a nursing center, the last thing anyone needs is dealing with the stress of multiple providers who don't communicate with each other. My 500- to 800-word blog would stress that Knollwood Nursing Center provides continuity of care by assigning each patient to a dedicated team who knows your case intimately. The blog would also emphasize how Knollwood works hand-in-hand with the referring physician to ease the transition to rehab.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: recovery,dedicated team,communication,stress-free recovery


Biohack your brain

This blog would be geared toward Baby Boomers, Gen X, & woke millennials, who are keenly aware of the ineffectiveness of supplements and medications claiming to prevent or reverse cognitive decline. I don't know if you guys work with Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Exec, and I can't guarantee I can get him to comment but I did arrange an interview with him for TakePart Live, a talk show on PivotTV, as part of a doc on nootropics. See "Are Smart Drugs Ethical?" http://alisonmarek.com/producing.html

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: cognition,cognitive decline,anti-aging,stem cells,biohack,brain,brain function,optimize,reverse cognitive decline,NAD+,nicotine,nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide,NAD,IV therapy,reverse aging,rejuvenate,inflammation,telomeres


Bring your brain when you travel

Every time your phone beeps in the middle of the night -- waking you up -- it's to alert you about yet ANOTHER study about how sleep deprivation leads to cognitive decline. This blog for Sleepbox would emphasize the stresses of traveling across time zones without being able to rest and restore. Would emphasize the importance of naps when unrestricted sleep isn't possible. And how much better a trip is when your brain can actually experience it. Sleep for brain health in Sleepbox during layovers.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: sleep deprivation,time zone,jet lag,cognitive dysfunction,cognitive decline,restorative sleep,rest,nap,travel,brain health,mitochondria,telomeres,biohack