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Julie Navarro


Fostering understanding through writing

About Me

My passion is writing and my purpose it fostering understanding between, and for, others.  I enjoy explaining things and making them easy to understand. I am compelled by the desire to know and understand better myself, and this drive pushes me to problem-solve and learn hands-on what it takes to accomplish something so that I can make it understandable to others. Some might say I take a KISS attitude towards communication: Keep IT Simple Stupid. However, I never want to make my reader feel stupid. I am an enlightener, a sage, the voice that lights the way for others.

Industries I Write About

Arts & Crafts

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Fine Art

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Professional Training

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Program Development

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Writing & Editing

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Individual & Family Services

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My Writing Samples

Opening Paragraph-Essay

From the moment the lights went down and Robbie Hart stepped to the microphone to address his audience and plunged the Yucaipa Little Theater straight into the heart of the show, until the last number, when the whole cast emerged onto the stage together in front of a sensitively portrayed New York skyline (complete with the twin towers that Set Designers Courtney Taylor and Hilary Peters respectfully left dark in honor of those who died there in 2001), The Wedding Singer, directed by Courtney Ta


Concluding Paragraph-Creative Non-Fiction Essay

Now, dear reader, permit me to indulge in the engagement of the last few words I have to acquaint you with myself, if only briefly. I am certainly aware, that were Mr. Hawthorne to glance over my shoulder as I write this, that he would number me with the “mob of scribbling women” (“Hawthorne’s 1855 Letter) he so despised; for my attempt to assume an intimately sentimental tone here has no intellectual satire, no higher purpose, other than to an affectation of a particular voice for your base pl


Musical Event Review

One of the similarities between this performance and the theater was that the performance had a corresponding team of people similar to theater who ran the different aspects of the performance. There was a music director/conductor, Jeffrey Boeckman, DMA and a Technical Director, whom I believe was Randall Hodges. Besides this, there was also a crew, composed of the band itself, who moved chairs, music stands, music sheets and musical instruments around as necessary, especially during the inter


Expository Essay

Yucaipa is much different now than it was in 1979. The community was very small and rural then with a population just a little under 28,000 (D&B Donnelly), with fragrantly blossoming orange groves on the hillsides, chicken ranches dotting the neighborhoods, houses with larger properties and farm animals, and as my mom recalls, only four stoplights along the main boulevard through town during those first years when I was still in elementary school (Navarro). The Yucaipa Valley is nestled in the


Short Fiction

Preservation Evony stepped into the Cinnabon shop in her red sweater dress and heels, wobbling a little, a perplexed look on her face. At first, the tiny room appeared empty except for the lone cashier behind the counter, who was busy counting change, the coins ringing methodically as each one dropped in the register. Evony told herself she was searching for the sight of Jacob’s face, the face she had memorized from a photo he had once emailed her, but what she really sought was an impossible


Literary Criticism

Murk of the Future It is almost maddeningly hypnotic. Like one of those crazy dreams you have when you have overworked yourself with a mundane task until you are completely exhausted and then all you can do in those dreams is the same mundane task you were trying to rest from, over and over again. Cormac McCarthy’s new novel, The Road, is a tormenting post-apocalyptic journey through the South East portion of the U.S.; a journey taken by a father and his young son over an agonizingly long pe


Part 2-Exerpt of a Hi-Lo Book I am working on for disabled adults

What do you do in a crew? All these questions may come up. So, here is what you do when you are in a crew. First, do what your job coach tells you to do. You are on a crew to get a job done. Now, here is how to act in a crew: • Smile and look them in the eye • Say hello one time when you meet each day • Say goodbye one time when you go each day • Look for ways to help them • Ask before you hug or touch them • Say please one time if you want a thing from them. If they say


Part 1-Exerpt of a Hi-Lo Book I am working on for disabled adults

What to Do In A Crew At times, you may have a job that you can do on your own. But at other times, you may need to do a job with a crew. Some jobs are just too big for one person to do. That is when a crew takes on a job. But, what do you do when you work in a crew? When you work in a crew, you will need to find out how to work well with others. This may feel scary. You may not know what to do! How do you act? What if they make fun of you? Will they like



vocational Skills Training Instructor

I personally designed literacy, advocacy, math and basic computer programs to help disabled adults overcome vocational barriers.

Company: Industrial Support Systems

I worked there from 9/2013 until 6/2015

BA English Literature

Graduated with honors in 2011

Company: Cal State San Bernardino

I worked there from 3/2009 until 3/2011

Content I Write