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Imogen Sharma


About Me

Imogen is a highly adept and persuasive English Literature graduate with the ability to understand any brief and give a thoughtful, intelligent interpretation that will exceed expectations whilst adhering to all specifications.

Please get in touch to discuss how Imogen can help to convert your casual readers into serious buyers.

Industries I Write About

Marketing & Advertising

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Financial Services

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Wine & Spirits

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Investment Management

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Human Resources

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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My Writing Samples

What is Cryptocurrency?

This article aims to break down what Cryptocurrency is to a young ABC1 person who would be looking to make an investment - now or in the future, The blog post is focused on promoting Bitcoin whilst informing the reader and allaying common concerns about the platform. The tone of the post is authoritative and the entire blog is designed to be a comprehensive reference point. The reader will use it and send it to friends as a personal guide to the technology behind Bitcoin.




Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 1/2018 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Food and Wine Pairings

The proposition is to compose 2 sample articles making food and drink pairing suggestions based on European Deli's products. Once the brand sees the value these SEO rich texts add to their business, the writer can compose a pairing article for every relevant page. The friendly advice for which drink will best match a particular foodstuff will increase revenue due to cross-selling and keep readers returning to the site for further pairing suggestions as well as driving search engine results.

Content type: Article

Keywords: European Deli,delicacies from Europe,gourmet,[featured brand names]


How to Get Promoted

The article provides a strategy about how to stand out in the workplace. For many people, a shift in attitude is all that stands between them and climbing up the career ladder. Other ideas for a series of posts are 'How to Handle Difficult Colleagues' and 'How to Priorities Tasks'. LinkedIn is a platform for businesses and while this will be one sample article - hundreds can be written for specific industries including complex SEO rich text that promotes LinkedIn and their affiliates.

Content type: Blog Post


The journey from frumpy to Killing Eve

The blog post is about the cultural impact of Killing Eve, with a wider focus on how queer women have been depicted in mainstream media up until now. A transatlantic BBC drama has never had such a positive impact on breaking down barriers of inequality. There are many nuanced ways in which Villanelle and Eve subvert the stereotype of a queer woman and force attitudes into the 21st Century.

Content type: Blog Post


Product Reviews

The writer has expert knowledge of food and beverage and can write 5000+ words a day, meaning SEO rich product reviews and recommendations can be written en masse in a style that appeals to the individual brand audience of any particular item. This proposition is to write one 500 word review that gives an attractive overview of the product while using keywords that will get the page ranked highly in a Google search.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Keywords would be specific to the brand,product and the target market.