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Marty Weil


Award-Winning B2B Technology Copywriter

About Me

I have 30 years of experience writing content for the world's most respected B2B technology companies, including Honeywell, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, 3M, Hitachi, Sun Microsystems, and Siemens, to name a few. I am an experienced content creator with a demonstrated history of writing about enterprise software, SaaS, industrial equipment, automation, and manufacturing. I have the proven ability to simplify the complex.

Industries I Write About

Computer Software

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Industrial Automation

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Education Management

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Logistics & Supply Chain

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Facilities Services

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Information Technology & Services

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Content Writer

My byline has appeared in dozens of technical journals and online publications, including Managing Automation, Manufacturing Systems, Software Strategies, Data Center Management, Control, APICS, Microsoft Executive Circle, among others. More than 500,000 words have appeared under my byline both online and in print. I have also created custom content for corporate Web sites and blogs, including many blog posts for The Manufacturing Geek and Epicor's Inspired Insights.

Company: LBE LLC

I worked there from 1/2004 until now

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Digital Transformation Strategy

The strategic incorporation of digital technology will be the basis for competition in the 2020s. Currently, it is transforming business models by speeding innovation and making ongoing practical gains in operational efficiencies, product design, development and delivery, and customer relationships. It’s changing the way B2B companies view their enterprise software solution providers like Virtutem. It's time Virtutem told the story of the digital transformation strategy it offers clients.

Content type: Article

Keywords: digital transformation,ERP,enterprise software,innovation,leadership


How Capital BPM Controls Implementation Costs

A fear that executives have regarding BPM is the cost of implementation. Most BPM solution providers charge a significant amount of money for licensing fees and installation. Added to the licensing cost is the high implementation cost of designing and deploying a BPM solution. This 1,000-word post will discuss the strategies Capital BPM employes to keep implementation costs down.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: ROI,BPM,implementation,cost,savings


How to Evaluate QA Software Vendors

QA software selection is a major responsibility. The assessment process needs to move beyond the basics (i.e., functionality, vendor reputation, etc.) to cover more essential considerations (e.g., time to value, scalability, integration, etc.). This blog post will highlight why Galil Software should be on the short list of preferred QA software vendors.

Content type: Blog Post


Content Available for Purchase

The post discusses subject matter expert interview best practices.

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