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Jody Fleming, MDiv, PhD


Everyday Mission LLC

About Me

I began my professional writing career in 2010 with my first peer reviewed book review. Before that time I had been writing at the graduate level and completed a heavily research and writing based master's degree and graduated magna cum laude. Since then I have written several articles that have gone to publication in journals and as book chapters. Additionally I have presented many papers at scholarly society meetings that are published with their annual meeting collections. 

Most of my published writing has been in religious studies, theology and mission as that has be the focus of my masters and doctoral work. I also serve as associate editor for the blogsite of an academic society. Topics that I have covered have been in how spirituality relates to the health care industry as I spent many years working in that environment. I understand the complexities of our health care systems and how patients and families often feel lost in the process. 

On international subjects, my studies and publications are focused in part on Africa and Latin America, specifically Venezuela. Subjects covered spirituality, social justice and grass roots organizations. Two of my articles are published on books on religious aspects in Africa and Latin America. 

Some of my recent popular work is writing blog posts for a client focused on the deregulation of energy providers in Texas. The client has requested posts that describe their ability to assist customers in finding the best supplier for their needs. I also recently wrote two short articles on the integration of spirituality and physical symptoms and changes. 

In addition to the experience listed above, my undergraduate degree is in Art and Interior Design. I spent many years in the Interior-Architectural design and building industry and would be able to write very effectively in that area. Another area that I would be comfortable writing about is the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. I have lived here all my life and enjoy the diverse communities that we have here. 

I also enjoy traveling; I love learning new things and traveling to new places and then telling others about it! Good conversations over a great cup of coffee or nice glass of wine, a love of horses and boxer dogs, faith, family and the beach round out a small portion of my interests and what I like to research and write about.

My strong research skills have been developed through my years in graduate and post-graduate studies. I would welcome the opportunity to assist with your written content needs, with a strong ability to complete white papers. Please check my linkedin account https://www.linkedin.com/in/revjodyflemingphd1103/ and website, www.edmspirit.com, for more information about me!

Industries I Write About

Religious Institutions

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Hospital & Health Care

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Health, Wellness & Fitness

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International Affairs

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My Writing Samples

Introduction to Advent and Christmas: How are we Waiting?

Advent and Christmas are the first season of the church calendar. This introduction set the tone for the rest of the entries that I served as Associate Editor. The posts are set up to take portions of scripture and connect them with a missional message for our current context. Entries for this site have a heavier research base and are approximately 1000 words.


4 Key Trends Shaping the Restaurant Industry

This short article discussed the changes that are taking place in the restaurant industry. Issues such as away from home spending, changes in payment methods and technology, employment outlook and future direction were all discussed for the impact they are having. The work count was 500 for a short blog post.


Spiritual Generosity in Missiology: An International Review 47:1

A research article is similar a white paper in that there is a lot of research based on a particular thesis statement. Spiritual Generosity began with a story and then expanded the research to include the societal norms for the time in which it was written. What knowledge and information that was gleaned from that research is the applied to the current cultural context.


Chapter 2: Christian Renewal...In Venezuela

Chapter 2 of this book discusses the changes taking place in Venezuelan Christianity. It provides a historical look at the role of religion and its connection with the political climate in the country. A special focus is given to the pentecostal-charismatic movement and its arrival and growth in Venezuela.


Chapter 10: African Pentecostalism and Social Action

This collection of article addresses spirituality in the Pentecostal tradition on the continent of Africa. Chapter 10 examines the social justice issues that have the ability to be addressed by some of the unique qualities of Pentcostal communities.




Author of blogsite www.edmspirit.com. Providing written copy for clients on a variety of subjects. Author of several scholarly articles and book chapters. Paper presentations at scholarly societies.

Company: Everyday Mission LLC

I worked there from 5/2018 until now

Lecturer in Practical Theology

Adjunct Professor for graduate level students teaching in on ground, online and blended formats. Research, developing and writing syllabi for semester long classes. Evaluating student assignments and participation. Overseeing student field education program.

Company: Evangelical Seminary

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Associate Editor

Edited articles submitted to be published on a blogsite www.asmweb.org/missional preacher. Provided feedback or formatting and grammar to authors. Wrote introductions for a series of posts as well as authoring contributions to the blog.

Company: American Society of Missiology Board of Publications

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

Spiritual Care Coordinator

Worked as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide end of life care through spiritual support to patients, families and staff. Created care plans and documentations according to healthcare standards. Presented community training sessions on the elderly and end of life care. Provided bereavement support to families and loved ones.

Company: Hospice

I worked there from 6/2008 until 10/2015

Hospital Chaplain Intern

Completed 1 unit of Clinical Pastoral Education Provided spiritual support to patients, families and staff in all areas of a large regional hospital. Responded to all incoming trauma patients during on-call rotations. Completed chart notes on all patient visits to reflect the type of care provided.

Company: Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

I worked there from 9/2009 until 5/2010

Corporate Chaplain

Made regular visits to assigned companies to provide spiritual support to workers, supervisors and business owners.

Company: Marketplace Chaplains

I worked there from 9/2003 until 4/2005

Interior Designer/Architectural Drafter-Designer

10+ years of experience working with architects in both large and small companies. Drafted building plans, provided space planning services, color selections and many other services in the architectural and building industry.

Company: Various Companies

I worked there from / until /

Content I Write

Ideas and Pitches I Wrote

Entry Doors Make a Statement

Entry doors are not only offer access to your home, but they can also make a statement. The right entry door can increase the curb appeal of your home and increase interest if you plan to sell. If selling your home is not in your future, the right entrance can increase safety and energy efficiency. The blog post will focus on the Dorplex line and the selection and value they offer to homeowners.

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Entry Door,Safety,Energy Savings,Design


Better Windows, Lower Bills

This short article or blog post will describe the importance of replacing old windows for energy savings in winter and summer. Not only does the change save the homeowner money but new quality widows will enhance the look of their property and increase its resale value. Pella window specs on energy efficiency will be noted as well as the many design feature options that are available. Stouffville's complete design solutions will be included as a one stop shop from consultation to installation.

Content type: Article


Spiritual Care for Alzheimers and Dementia Patients

The progression of the common conditions of Alzheimer's disease and demential often lead to the inability to communicate in seniors. This does not mean their minds have gone completely dormant. This article will highlight some ways in which family and/or caregivers might connect with a patient's spirituality. My own experience as a Spiritual Care Coordinator dealing with the elderly has given me first hand experiences of how important this is as part of a patient's holistic plan of care.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Spiritual,Alzheimers,Dementia


Balancing Home Care and Self Care

Many seniors are choosing to age in place choosing to stay in their homes as long as possible. There are more home care options today as the baby boomer generation grows into old age. Often times family members step in to help with aging parents who need daily assistance. While this option is often well intentioned, caregivers can quickly burn out and need care themselves. This article will discuss the importance of self care and options for caregivers who need a break from full time care.

Content type: Article

Keywords: Home Care,Burn Out,Self Care


Varied Workouts Improve Results

Many people abandon their exercise routines because they are just that, routine. This post will offer some examples of how to change up your fitness workout to achieve better results and keep you motivated. Personal training programs and visiting the gym on off hours may also help with focus and staying on task. Changing up your exercise plan may be just what you need to recharge your interest in going to the gym, push past a plateau and achieve your fitness goals!

Content type: Blog Post

Keywords: Fitness,Workout,Personal Trainer,Exercise Routine,Cardio,Weight Lifting


Window Reinforcements Enhance Design and Save Energy

Using fiberglass reinforcement for vinyl windows provides important options for the building design industry. Three specific areas are important for using fiberglass reinforcement in project design; durability and strength, low thermal conductivity and adaptability for design. Window design options expand with our custom designed products with high weight to strength ratios. Energy efficiency is retained through low thermal transference of our components made to customer specifications.

Content type: Whitepaper

Keywords: Window,Fiberglass,Reinforcement,Design,Strength



Great Editor of Missional Texts

Jody has been an Associate Editor for Missional Preacher (asmweb.org/missionalpreacher) for the past two years. She has done a great job-- with insight and expertise for the missional task in the North American context. She has been a wonderful addition to our team of associate editors, bringing insight and competence to the task.

Phillip Huber, American Society of Missiology, Series Editor, MissionalPreacher

Jody is an insightful, engaging, thoughtful writer!

Jody wrote a couple of articles for me and donated them for my website launch. She wrote personal and informational guides for women going through menopause, infusing them each with her own insights while maintaining a professional tone. I'd highly recommend Jody's content writing services!

Sofie Wise, Hi Menopause