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Andrés Felipe Ropero Santiago


Freelance writer

About Me

I am what you are looking for! I am a driven, passionate and disciplined writer with diverse interests and experience in research, writing, editing and interpreting.

Industries I Write About

Government Administration

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Government Relations

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Food & Beverages

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Higher Education

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International Affairs

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Public Policy

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My Writing Samples

A Pacific tale: India-Peru free trade agreement talks

An analysis of the economic implications of a trade agreement between India and Peru.


Chinese pollution management?

An analytic article on the issues China faces regarding pollution, particularly with PM2.5 particles.


Un "momento Kodak": la recuperación de las acciones tras el lanzamiento de su criptomoneda

An article, in Spanish, about the release of Kodak coin and a blockchain for photographers to store their work with the security blockchain technology provides.


Where does anxiety come from?

A divulgation article about the origin of anxiety and the possibility of phototherapy to treat it.


Languages I Write In