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Daniel Hall


Communications/Public Relations Consultant

About Me

I am  a seasoned, versatile writer/editor/rewriter/proofreader/researcher.

I have been involved in those activities for many business publications, business-to-business clients of public relations agencies, multinational professional services organizations, nonprofits, a government consultant, an industry association, and an artist. 

My diverse content includes press releases and other PR materials, case histories, news stories, newsletter and web site copy, articles for business publications and for an annual report, executive bios, profiles of companies, pitch letters, cover letters, and reports about industry meetings that I attended. 

As a business journalist, I have covered a wide variety of subjects and industries. They include industrial chemicals, maritime transportation, technology, retailing, dog products, banking, environmental regulations, and consumer packaged goods

In other writing/editing/rewriting  projects, I have also covered many subjects. They include mentoring, professional services, financial services, creation of Siblings Day, art show openings, and couture hats,  

I have extensive experience in these areas of public relations: writing, research, special events, and media relations.  My many media relations activities have resulted in placements of information about many organizations in top-tier and other media. 

What's more, I am very capable of meeting deadlines and working independently and as a team member.  I am very detail oriented.

I will provide references, writing samples, and rates when requested.  What I get paid varies depending on the type of assignment, word count, work involved, and the client.

For example, for articles and multi-product descriptions for industry-specific media, I have been paid from around $400 to around $1,500. The word count for those projects has ranged from around 700 to around 1,500 words.   My work for those publications usually involves considerable research, such as in-person and phone interviews, and writing, rewriting, and proofreading. 

For PR work, my rates are: hour ($25 and up), day ($250 and up), week ($1,250 and up), and by the month ($2,500 and up).   

For rewriting, research and other activities for a government consultant, my rate is $45 per hour. 

For other writing, I will consider charging by the hour, word, day, week, or month. 

I prefer working under contracts that cover my fee, project type, expected time from start to finish, how and when I will get paid, and other subjects. 

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Consumer Goods

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Financial Services

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Legal Services

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Public Relations

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Writing & Editing

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Communications/Public Relations

See About Me above for details about my communications/public relations activities.

Company: Freelancer

I worked there from 8/2007 until now