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Dawn Killough


Freelance construction and finance writer

About Me

I am a freelance writer for the construction industry. My published work has been seen on GAF's blog, Levelset, Stonemark Construction Management, GetBuilt.com, Green Building Elements, and Procore's JobSite. My services include content marketing, blogging, article writing, whitepapers, and editing. I have worked in the construction industry in many capacities for over 25 years. My roles have included staff accountant, green building advisor, project assistant, and contract administrator. I have worked for general contractors, design firms, and subcontractors. I am the author of an ebook, Green Building Design 101, which is available electronically on Amazon. I write on diverse topics, including construction, green building, green technology, business start-up, small business finance, and accounting.

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My Writing Samples

7 Habits of Successful Safety Managers

Successful safety managers help build support, keep employees engaged, and provide valuable information. They act as a bridge between employees and management, providing oversight and expertise. Safety managers should develop habits that keep them informed of issues in the field and the goals of management.


“Be That One Guy” Aims to Make the Workplace Safer for Everyone

The “Be That One Guy,” campaign was born when the group discovered that all too often people go to work with a fear that has nothing to do with the danger of the job they are performing. The “psychological violence,” as O’Leary calls it, of harassment is a safety concern that OSHA hasn’t dealt with.


What Does the OSHA Silica Rule Really Mean?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently adopted a new regulation in regards to airborne silica. The rule came into effect on June 23, 2016, which means that employers in the construction industry have one year from that date to become compliant with most of the rules’ requirements. The rule is said to affect over 2 million US workers in several industries.


Using Dropbox, G-Drive, or Box to Track Preliminary Notices | Pros & Cons

One way of tracking preliminary notices is to store the documents in a cloud storage system, such as Google Drive, Box, One Drive, or Dropbox. These platforms provide a low-cost way to store documents where everyone can have access to them from virtually anywhere. Let’s look at what these preliminary notices are, why they are being sent, why they need to be tracked, and the pros and cons of using a cloud storage system.


Top 5 Mechanics Lien Filing Services in the United States – Reviews & Ratings

The construction payment process is complicated, and you’ve done everything right, but you aren’t getting paid. You are considering filing a mechanic’s lien in order to collect the money that you are owed. The question is: should you do it yourself, hire a lien filing service, or turn it over to your attorney?


How is a credit score calculated?

The higher your score, the more likely companies are to loan you money. If your score is above 740, you have excellent credit, and if it is below 650 you will pay higher interest rates on the credit you receive and have a harder time getting credit. We know you’ve seen the advertisements about checking your credit score and how important it is to keep tabs on it, but why is it such a big deal?


7 Tips for Tracking Contractor Compliance Documents

It is imperative that construction project teams track the status of compliance documents like contractor insurance policies, licensing, bonds, and lien waivers. These documents are often required when turning in payment applications, closeout documents, and for insurance audits. They can come from many different sources and at different times throughout a project, so staying organized is important.


How Value Engineering Can Help You Build a Better Building

When a project estimate comes in over budget, one of the first terms you’ll hear is “value engineering” (VE). In recent years, it has received a bad rap as a way to drastically cut both costs and quality. The truth is, when done right, it can lead to better projects, better buildings, and happier owners.


Residential Construction Project Financing Options

When it comes time to build a new house, or remodel, renovate, or add on to your existing home, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is “how do I pay for this?” Some people may be able to afford to pay for it using savings accounts or the cash in their pocket. But most homeowners will need to seek out financing of some kind to help with their residential construction projects.


What Is R-Value and Why Is It Important?

R-value is a measurement of how much a building material protects one side from the heat or cold on the other side. A higher R-value means that a material insulates better than one with a lower value.


What Affects R-Value of a Building?

The insulation value, or R-value, of a building is a sum of the components that make up the outer shell. This often includes siding, insulation, framing, and drywall. There are certain parts of a building, however, that detract from its ability to insulate. These parts affect R-value negatively, and though they can’t be totally eliminated, they can be mitigated.



Freelance Writer

Writing articles for construction industry blog, focused on current news and evergreen content. Wrote several small ebooks on green building.

Company: Procore

I worked there from 5/2019 until now

Freelance Writer

Writing content for their knowledgebase about construction payments and mechanics lien processes.

Company: Levelset

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

Freelance Writer / Editor

Editing existing web pages and creating new content for site focused on green building and metal buildings.

Company: Green Building Elements

I worked there from 8/2019 until /

Freelance Writer

Writing reviews and informative articles about insurance, credit cards, and loan programs.

Company: Red Ventures

I worked there from 7/2019 until now

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