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Anthony Ondeyo


Qualified Content Writer and Copyeditor

About Me

Qualified Content Writer and Copyeditor

I fell into writing by accident. An unusual private education which seemed to focus on learning the art of creative writing, editing and little else, developed an early passion for language and reading which has endured. Proofreading a novel one day (this is something I also do), I was asked if I could write something and one thing just led to another. A law degree seemed to hone my precision (or some might say pedantry) to use the right word in the right place on the right occasion...I think that may be too many 'rights'. Here are some of my most recent and current projects. I blog for a translation and interpreter company, all my creative ideas and stories based around language topics I have written endless content for a US holiday cottage company - web content, landing pages and blogs I have produced short daily blogs for the New Historian website I create monthly flyers for an equestrian gift hamper company I write blogs for a pet company I have re-written pharmaceutical information for drug products This is just a selection, contact me and I can send you samples from my portfolio. I write, re-write, proofread and edit. There is nothing quite like a writer to proofread text. My content is unique and fresh with emphasis on the creativity of style and tone. SEO, short form, long form...whatever you want. My creative bias can suggest development and direction for a piece. I re-write factual documents where there is a requirement to re-order information and bring a sense of coherency to the message. I proofread fact and fiction with soft or more extensive editorial services. I have a lot of experience proofreading newer authors and submit each manuscript with an Author's Report and short texts which can be used as a press release or back cover blurb. I can offer original equestrian content from a writer with years of professional experience and involvement in the equine industry, bespoke text tailored to your exact specifications. My rates are negotiable depending on the amount of research required and the quantity and regularity of the work. Send me an invitation, and let us talk about your project. 

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cheap Parasol Base

This is a 500 word article i did and the client posted it to his site. If you go through the site, you will find more article i did. Thanks



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Company: Upwork

I worked there from 6/2018 until now

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